Make wellness part of every day.

At Preston Place, wellness is part of everything we do. Wellness plays a key role in helping you maintain your essential self, and we offer you the tools to keep your body, mind and spirit engaged every day.

Our approach to wellness begins with focusing on your potential to achieve and maintain your goals. With a personalized wellness plan, we support you in a variety of ways. In addition to the numerous services and amenities you’ll enjoy at Preston Place, you’ll also find our wellness philosophy integrated throughout our Plano retirement community. Your personal wellness plan may include:

At our Plano independent living community, our approach to wellness extends to every area of our community, but it starts with you. When you become a resident, you become part of a support system that helps you find new ways to engage in healthy physical activity, nutritious meals, challenging creative pursuits and social connections that keep your spirits high.


We’re Here to Help!

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